Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer some of your questions, here is our most
Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can I order small quantities?

    Yes, you can order small quantities.

  • Can you deliver the consignment to my address?

    Yes, we can.

  • Is the price quoted the total cost or is there any extra charge?

    The price quoted by us is the total cost of the stones delivered at your place. VAT/GST/DUTY depending on the country is extra.

  • What is the mode of payment?

    Payment is made by electronic wire transfer from your bank to our bank in India.

  • What happens if there is damage during transit?

    The consignment is fully insured against all risks.However the damaged piece will be replaced.

  • How are the stones packed?

    The stones are wrapped with two layers of bubble sheet,securely strapped with white strip and packed in wooden crates.The crates are labelled with details of content.

  • Can you supply designs other than the designs in your brochure?

    Yes, We can.

  • Can you provide drawings/sketches along with price quote or for the monuments ordered?

    Yes we can provide drawings (CAD) free of cost.